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We are one, yet we are many

We are a non-woven powerhouse that is also building new age sustainable non-woven products;
We are a global leader in non-woven fabric manufacturing that is also transforming environmental impact;
A non-woven pioneer that is a trailblazer in advanced materials;
A eco-friendly fabric manufacturer that is also delivering state-of-the-art engineering solutions.


Pioneer in Non-woven fabric

Today, the fabric made by Sinecera can go around the earth 3 times over 0.7 mts of non-woven fabric sold by Sinecera, every second in globally.

Sinecera Group of Companies is currently present in over 7 countries, and is the largest non-woven fabric producer in the country;

Medisine, a premium three ply face mask is one of the leading face mask sold in over 40 countries and is recognized and recommended by leading healthcare institutions globally.  

Manifestation of hopes and aspirations

Our story is a whole two decade's worth of dreams and struggles of a generation growing through the pollution and environmental concerns; of giving back to the society more than what we take from it.

Our story is the manifestation of the hopes and aspirations of our future generations.

We make fabric, and we make hopes a reality for future generation. We fuse the offline and the online. We challenge what’s possible by engineering newer possibilities. We are Sinecera. And this is our story.

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